Moonlight Serenade

| 10/6/2017 9:04:00 AM

farm sign 

I love moonlight. There is just something magical about the way it lights up the world, and yet it is still dark. Everything takes on an extra dimension, and the whole world seems alive.

moon light

When I was a teenager, my room was at the back of the house with its own door to the outside world. On moonlight nights I often slipped outside as my parents slept and went for a ramble. I had a German shepherd dog who was my constant companion and protector, so I was never afraid. And as I've said before, I was one of those teens who thought I was invincible.

I would wander the open fields, or plunge into the woods without a care in the world, but simply rejoicing in the beauty of the night and the world my God had made. I remember clearly the moonlight filtering through the leaves creating little pools of light among the trees. Or in the winter, looking up at the stark branches outlined in three dimensions against a full harvest moon. I would sit on a log and listen to the music of the night. You see, the night is alive with sounds, especially when the moon is full. The bugs, the squeak of bats, the night birds. When we were in the Air Force this is what I missed most. The sounds of the night on the farm.

I was never afraid. I gave no thought to snakes, spiders, or predators. Nick, my trusty dog, was always by my side. These were my woods. I knew them like the back of my hand and I could walk them with my eyes closed. One night, we did have a brief encounter with a coyote who was hunting for mice in the leaves. Nick chased him a few yards, then we continued on. We often encountered bats, the hoot owl who lived in the big hollow tree, and once or twice skunks. Skunks are very curious and gentle. If you don't scare them, they will just look you over and go on their way. Nick was wise enough to leave them alone.