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My 50th Blog Post

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By Mary Conley | Jul 17, 2014

Dear friends,

Around a year or two after we bought our little farm, I figured out how to write about it on a place called Yolasite, and eventually recorded the first four years on the site. Luckily, my photo app kept my photographs chronologically, and I was able to recall the events in order. Writing seemed to satisfy some creative need I had, but I did it mostly for a diary, and Larry and our son Todd were thrilled to have everything documented. As I wrote the short stories, I sent them to a few friends and, much to my surprise, had positive feedback. Our friends were interested in what we were doing, and told me they liked my style of writing.

Along with the farm, came an interest in reading most everything we could find about our new life. I’m not sure how I started receiving the Capper’s Farmer newsletter by email, but I probably had seen it advertised on the Mother Earth News or GRIT site. One day I answered their request for a blogger, thinking I might have something to offer. Capper’s Farmer was a new site and so it took a while after I was accepted to get started, but my first blog appeared on Sept. 5, 2013. My first embarrassing mistake was not knowing I needed to write fresh material, and luckily I wasn’t the only one. The other problem was that I had to have so much help posting my blog, although I’m not sure that it was all my fault since the new site was still getting the kinks out. My editor, Sarah, was so sweet and patient with me, or I would have just quit. Later, Jean became my editor and sometimes I have to laugh at her little quirks – like she doesn’t allow me to say pictures, but I need to say photos or photographs! OK, so she is right! Jean has several of us bloggers now, so she has her hands full.

Sometime in there, I discovered that a day or so after posting my blog on the Capper’s Farmer page, Sarah posted it on Capper’s Facebook page. You may want to go there and “like” the page up at the top, so you can receive all their wonderful posts.

I don’t know how it happened so quickly, but this is my 50th blog post! I have said to Larry, more than once, something similar to, “My blog only got a few ‘likes'” and sometimes I wonder if anyone reads them. He’ll say, “Remember that you do it mostly for us.” Well, I’ll keep on blogging because it has gotten in my blood, but I know that I hope people read them! I imagine people out there reading them, and I often look up the name of someone who “liked” my blog on FB. I read their FB timeline to see which part of the country they are from and other things they share. I feel a little kinship to them. Also, some of us Capper’s bloggers have come to know one another from reading each other’s posts.

I hope, dear friends, that you enjoy reading my blog, and have possibly been entertained, learned something, or been encouraged along the way. Blessings to you and let’s meet again on Blog Post No. 51!

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