My Kingdom for Some Rhubarb

| 6/10/2015 1:59:00 PM

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Erin SheehanMoving this year just about did in our rhubarb. We carefully transplanted it and took good care to water and feed it after the transplant, but even so we couldn’t get much of a harvest from it this year. In year’s past we’ve relied heavily on our (now former) neighbor’s rhubarb patch. She has a very large patch and never seemed to use it all. She kindly shared with us and in return we gave her rhubarb wine and rhubarb jam. Leaving the neighborhood we’ve lost that connection and find ourselves scrambling for a rhubarb supply this year.


A close family friend provided us with nearly enough for what we’ll need for wine. What we did manage to harvest at home will just close the gap. But we don’t have any leftover for a pie, muffins or jam. Tragedy! I just used up the last package in the freezer of our 2014 stash to make some muffins. We have only one jar of jam left down in the canning cellar. It’s hard to believe we’re going to have to go a full year without rhubarb except in the form of wine.



Years ago just about every family had a rhubarb patch out back. Rhubarb is high in Vitamins C and K. Back when fresh fruit wasn’t commonly transported thousands of miles, having a rhubarb patch provided tasty spring fruit for people in northern climates, like us. Unfortunately, it appears that most of those rhubarb patches are long gone, to weeds or, more likely, turned into lawn.

7/1/2015 8:00:48 AM

I never thought I would like rhubarb, until my sister found a recipe for rhubarb crumble! Now it's one of my favorite desserts!

6/24/2015 8:52:37 AM

Sorry to hear about the deer, Dave! Animals are a menace to the garden. My rhubarb memories start with grandma's rhubarb jam, which is still a favorite. It's tart, but sugar helps!

6/11/2015 10:06:18 AM

Erin, I never acquired a taste for rhubarb probably because I don't remember Mom having a patch of rhubarb or ever fixing anything with rhubarb in it. Same with asparagus. However, I do like asparagus but haven't started a patch yet. I'm still trying to get the garden enclosed in a six foot fence to keep out the deer. They cleaned out my strawberries this year. One day the strawberries looked great and the next all the berries were gone as well as every leaf. I hope they survive. Next year the fence will be done and the berries will be covered with chicken wire. Keeping wild animals out of an area is much more challenging than keep animals inside a pen. It's all part of the gardening challenge that I've excepted. It's a great life if I don't weaken. ***** Have a great rhubarb hunting day.

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