Old Newspaper Articles from Capper’s Farmer January 1927: All About Farm Life, and Advertisements for Old Trusty Egg Incubators and Brooders, the Oldsmobile Sedan, and Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco

Take a look at agriculture news stories and advertisements from the January 1927 issue of Capper’s Farmer.

| Winter 2018

  • A cartoon about farm life that appeared in the January 1927 issue of Capper's Farmer.
    Photo from Capper's Farmer Archives
  • An advertisement that was featured in the January 1927 issue of Capper's Farmer for the Old Trusty Incubator and Brooder Catalog.
    Photo from Capper's Farmer Archives
  • A Prince Albert tobacco advertisement from the January 1927 issue of Capper's Farmer magazine.
    Photo from Capper's Farmer Archives
  • An Oldsmobile Sedan advertisement that was printed in Capper's Farmer magazine in January 1927.
    Photo from Capper's Farmer Archives

Where Some Profits Go

Rushing rainwater sweeping over the fields of the United States carries away 20 times as much plant food material every year as is permanently removed by crops, says H.H. Bennett, soil scientist of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Soil erosion takes $200 million away from farmers every year, he estimates.

While the annual loss of plant food material due to rushing waters is estimated by Mr. Bennett to approximate 126 billion pounds as compared to only 5,900 million pounds permanently removed by crops, the loss of plant food material is by no means the only damage caused by erosion. Millions of tons of rich topsoil are carried out to sea annually, leaving in many instances a soil very infertile, and one that is more difficult to till.

Probably not less than 10 million acres of land formerly cultivated have been permanently destroyed by rain-wash, says Mr. Bennett. A single county in the Piedmont region was found by actual survey to contain 90,000 acres of formerly cultivated land now permanently ruined by erosion.

Pencils and Bearings

Pencils, which are known to every school child and are invaluable to the editor and writer, have a distinction of aiding an invention that few outside of a select circle know about. They are directly responsible for the invention of the long, narrow roller bearings that are so valuable to the automobile, and now appear on the road toward general adoption by the railroads of the country after experiments lasting several years.

The true story is that while discussing business affairs with officials of the company bearing his name, a member of the Timken family was rolling two pencils on his desk under his hand. Noting the smoothness with which the pencils permitted the movement, he stopped and explained the theory to his listeners. The result was the first step toward the long bearings.

Seven Tips That Will Ease Work in the Kitchen

A cheerful kitchen is like a spring tonic to the busy housewife. To brighten up a dark kitchen, refinish it in yellow tints. The sunshine will seem to reach farther into the corners.

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