Our One Car Family

| 3/26/2014 9:08:00 AM

Erin SheehanThree years ago today, I intentionally let go of a big piece of my mobility and independence. A tough decision but one that has been rewarding in surprising ways.

To tell the story I have to backtrack a bit. In August 2010, my employer reached an agreement with the local transit authority to provide free access for all employees on local buses. I have an ideological commitment to using less fossil fuel, and I really like free, so I decided to try taking the bus.


The first few trips were successful, and I gradually rode the bus more, leaving my car at home day after day. A few short months later, I drove to work for the very last time and soon thereafter I sold my car. It sat idle most of the time anyway and just insuring it cost us a bundle. My husband still needed a car to get to work so we went from a 2-car to a 1-car family.


For months after I sold the Subaru, I would see lookalikes on the street and feel sad. I missed the feeling of driving, of being in my very own car.