Snakes on a Farm

| 4/30/2018 2:29:00 PM

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Kathryn RandallEvery spring, as I walk through the woods and meadow of our farm, I think about the approaching arrival of snakes. Their metabolism rises during the warm weather of spring after the long winter months, and soon they will make their appearance. And every spring, I remember all the amusing stories we have about the snakes on our farm.

Our first farm truck had a cap that attached to the back. We took the cap off one winter to haul wood. We placed it flat on the ground, open side down, in a grassy area near the barn. In early summer, we finally decided we needed to put the cap back on the truck. My husband grabbed one side and I grabbed the other to lift it up. Do you remember the scene from the Indiana Jones movie where a young Indie falls into a train car full of snakes? The bed of snakes under our truck cap looked similar.

Hundreds of snakes of various sizes and species were piled together, basking in the warmth and humidity created by the cap. Needless to say, I have never jumped so high, screamed so loud, and run so fast as I did at that exact moment. Within minutes, all the snakes were gone.

My husband and I were in awe-where could they have gone so fast? There wasn't a snake in sight. But we did see a head or two in the cracks between the stones in the barn foundation. It amazed us how fast they disappeared. And how fast I could run!

Don't get me wrong. We appreciate the presence of snakes on our farm. They help to keep the rodent population under control. I don't mind snakes when I can see them and know where they are going. But sometimes, we find them in unexpected places.

One day my husband, busy mucking out the sheep pen, got annoyed with the cord from the light switch overhead dangling onto his head. Without looking, he swatted at it to try to throw it up over the light. His hand hit something wet and fat.

5/7/2018 4:27:40 PM

I loved your story. It reminds me of when we lived at The Ranch in Northern California and rattlesnakes and gopher snakes were everywhere as the weather warmed up. First we stupidly killed a couple young gopher snakes as they mimic rattlers but then we figured it out. One summer we killed 17 pacific coast rattlers near the house. Not all at once of course. My dog got bitten, survived and then was our early warning device. Whoa, Teddy's zeroed in on a rock out back and pitching a fit. Get out the gun loaded with snake shot! Now we live where I've never seen a rattler and I'm ok with that!

5/1/2018 7:20:40 AM

YUCK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate snakes..

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