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By Mel Boone | May 17, 2016

I have started looking at the stuff that I have. I have collections of stuff that I really didn’t realize I had collections of. Now I find myself scratching my head and thinking, “Huh? What now?”

For starters, rubber bands. You know, the ones that the mail carrier puts around your mail before putting it into your mail box. At least that’s what they do here in my part of Missouri. I always take the rubber bands off and toss them aside on my desk. Now that I’ve got about 50 of those rubber bands in the pile. I really need to give those back to the mail carrier to reuse.

So, how about free pens? It seems like every business that I walk into has promotional pens and pencils on their counter with the business name and logo on it. They are there for you to take. I cleaned out my purse one day and found seven. That was a few days after I bought a package of pens for a dollar because I thought that I didn’t have any. I ended up with more than I bargained for on that deal.

Five little rubber balls are in the house. They are Jake’s favorite toy to play with. Three are currently on the living room floor. It’s anyone’s guess where the other two are. When they all disappear, I’ll go buy a new one for Jake. Buying a new one seems to be the only way for all of them to show up at once.

For someone who only plays Solitaire, I have a bunch of playing cards. I have so many decks of cards, I could probably open my own casino with what I have. Every deck has a different design or logo, Pepsi, John Deere, IH, etc. If it has a catchy design or logo, I’ll probably think that I got to have it.

I’m still scratching my head. I’m not sure when this madness will end.

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