Sugar On The Homestead

| 7/30/2015 11:29:00 AM

Christine NelsonWhen you think of a farm fresh meal, what comes to mind? I would say roasted leg of lamb with sweet potatoes, salad and of course, an amazing dessert like apple pie or peach cobber.

But if we are all really trying to be like our ancestors and grow our own food, where does sugar really fit in? Back in the day, sugar was an extra special and rare treat. I remember the episode of Little House on The Prairie when Pa had been on a long trip and on his return he brought with him a small amount of sugar. In the show they poured some out and oooed and awwwed over it like it was gold. If you think about it, the amount of sugar he brought back with him was probably equivalent to what we put in one whole pie. We certainly don't stretch it over a long period of time like Ma Ingalls probably did.

apple pie sprinkled with sugar | Fotolia/Dani Vincek

Photo: Fotolia/Dani Vincek

Think about what people might consume each day that contains added sugar that you don't even consider to be a special dessert. Let's say for breakfast you had a muffin, for lunch a BLT and dinner your favorite pasta. Even if you made every single meal from scratch, the typical recipe for all of these contains sugar. Add it all up and you are most definitely consuming more than you think.

A dessert now and then is not so bad, but sugar seems to be added to everything now, even from scratch recipes. It seems so many recipe books, including those titled Grandma's Down Home Cookin', involve adding sugar to even spaghetti sauce.