The Straw Bale House

| 10/8/2015 1:12:00 PM

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Melanie AnnAbout 15 years ago, my husband and I attended an Eco-festival in our home town. One of the exhibitors was a woman who was building a straw bale doghouse. She had a photo album of her past projects and from that moment, we were hooked. We knew then and there that we wanted to build a straw bale house.

I started doing as much research as possible on this type of building. Then about six years ago, we began to look for a piece of land to purchase. Finding just the right land took about 1-1/2 years. We bought a small parcel of land, 8-1/2 acres in eastern Ontario.

We told family and friends that we were going to build a straw bale house. The reaction was mixed. A few of them thought it was wonderful. But most people just thought we were crazy. That was when the comments like, “He’ll huff and he’ll puff,” started. We knew what we wanted to do and that was build an energy efficient home, and we did not really care about the comments. You can imagine the reaction when we then said we wanted to live off the grid!

Construction began in the spring of 2012. My husband, Frank, moved into a trailer on our property and lived there for the next seven months while working on the house. I commuted every weekend from our old hometown, which was 4-1/2 hours away.

Our house, which I designed, is post and beam construction with straw infill. We sourced the straw from a local farmer. I believe we used about 350 bales. These photographs show the house while we were doing the infilling. There is no way around it, this is labor intensive. However, the payback is huge in the end. Our home is exceptionally warm in the winter and keeps pretty cool in our very hot and humid Ontario summers. We are totally off the grid so naturally we do not have central air conditioning.


10/11/2015 12:15:21 PM

Melanie Ann, fire codes prevent building straw bale houses in my state. I'm wondering how you get a staw bale house insured? It's a great Idea and there is a blog on GRIT from some years ago about building a staw bale house. It's pretty detailed. Goto and put "straw bale" in the google search space and it will bring up all the links from Dave Larson from Desert Homesteading blog. It explains everything from the footings to the adobe plaster on the inside of the house. ***** Have a great straw bale house building day.

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