The Waiting Game

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By Christine Nelson | Jan 15, 2016

Hi, my name is Christine and I can’t stop looking at cows on Pinterest.

It’s a good thing I really don’t have much down time because I can see a lot of time being wasted just scrolling through pins of milk cow this and milk cow that.

We were originally supposed to get our heifer and steer sometime November or December, but the breeder pushed the date back to mid-January sometime.

It really isn’t a big deal to us, seeing as we don’t mind having less animals to care for. But at the same time I’m so anxious to finally have cows and see how life with them unfolds.

We have a long road ahead to finally start getting our own milk, but I’m chomping at the bit!

My sister gave me a lead rope and curry comb for Christmas and I can’t wait to put them to use.

I’m interested to see how the sheep do with the cows, especially the ram.

You see him giving me the evil eye? We haven’t really had any problems with him per say, he just is not scared of us at all and gets way too close and makes me very nervous!

We would eventually like to run them all together, but will have to see how it goes. If we have issues, we’ve already agreed that the cows will trump the sheep if it comes down to it. Several people who purchased some ewes from us this summer are interested in buying more if we decided to just get rid of all of them.

Things have really been pretty mundane around here besides this waiting game.

The coyotes have been more active and seem to be getting thick. There were four on our property at noon the other day! The week before I was walking past my deck doors and saw one sneaking out from the wooded area behind our house. Without even thinking I just ripped open the door and ran out there yelling and screaming like a lunatic. I had the baby in tow so my first thought wasn’t to grab the gun. They are certainly getting brave.

I understand they are just animals eating to survive, but I don’t want to serve as their free chicken buffet, ya know?

The weather was beautiful yesterday, reaching about 57 degrees with the sun shining. I tried to get a few things done outside while the baby took a short-lived nap.

Everything is so gross this time of year.

One of our cats got into something, he has a big hunk of skin missing under his chin. I figure either something tried to kill him or he got caught up somehow. I’ll definitely need to be keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get infected. So far it seems to be healing up just fine.

I posted a delicious recipe for Spiced Milk on my personal blog.

It’s the best cozy winter drink ever! Hop on over to the blog, give it a try and let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to follow us over on our Facebook page!

What have you been up to during the cold winter months?

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