The Weaver and the Loom

| 9/7/2018 8:57:00 AM

farm signAs I was tidying up the place the other day, I picked up a pair of placemats and my thoughts went back to the weaver of this special gift.

When I was a child I came to know one of my Granny's dearest friends. Though 10 years separated them in age (Granny was older), they became fast friends as young women and often visited each other, or spent time on the telephone at least once a week.


Leona Miller lived in an old house about five miles from ours. It was primitive with no running water or indoor plumbing, but always spotlessly clean. Leona had the most spectacular yard of flowers and shrubs.

As I've mentioned before, I used to take her shopping and to appointments and she would pay me in flower bulbs and starts. Sadly, since her death, the house stands alone, forgotten and neglected. The wonderful yard full of colors and scents is overgrown and many plants have died.

leona and house