Where The Warm Wind Blows

| 1/15/2014 12:35:00 PM

Lisa JohnsonThere is a place on my farm where a warm wind blows. The sky may be the brightest of blue. Or it can be dark and gray with billowy clouds churning in chaos. The heavy clouds bring rain, lightening and thunder.  The wind can be gusting all around, cool enough to bring a chill to my skin. And yet, I come to this place and amidst the storm there will be a warm wind blowing.

Other times, the air can be still, muggy and moist or hot and dry. I reach this place and there will be a warm wind that is refreshing even on a humid day. This warm wind brings me renewal and refreshment.

On occasion, I will be busy with my chores. Getting done, hurrying to be somewhere and I will step into this warm wind. I stop, shut my eyes and smile. Taking the time to enjoy the warm wind as it blows by me. I feel grace and peace. It is calming to me. Just as quickly as it came upon me, it is gone. The moment stays with me through the rest of my chores and often my day.

Sky view from where the warm wind blows 

There have even been times when I will walk to this place on my farm, on purpose. Looking for and needing to feel that warm wind and what it brings to me. My mind may be spinning about something that transpired during the day, a frustration, irritation or sadness. Or I may feel overwhelmed, tired and weary. I walk to this place, up the slight slope that is covered with sweet smelling clover and tall grass on either side. The vast sky is overhead and towering trees are all around. As I stand there, I have hope. Hope that the warm wind will blow. Sometimes it blows and sometimes it doesn't.

The times that I do go there seeking the warm wind, I find myself thinking that it is silly to think that a breeze will blow "just for me". But the times that I have gone there and there is no breeze anywhere else and I feel that warm wind touch my skin I have rejoiced! It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.