A Facebook Love Story

A couple finds second chance at love on Facebook.

| September/October 2012

Two weeks after our first Internet meeting, Charles and I were married.

Well, it wasn’t our first meeting, but it was our first meeting since Facebook reunited us after 60 years.

Facebook love story: Our history

As a young girl attending junior high school, I would wrap my arms around the waist of a handsome young boy with sparkling eyes as he drove me home on his Cushman motor scooter. This happened because Charles would see me walking home from school, and he would stop to offer me a lift.

I had a schoolgirl crush on him at the time. The crush gradually dissipated, and then lay dormant after we both went our separate ways and lived different lives.

Our “separate ways,” it turned out, weren’t that far apart. We both stayed near Dallas, but our paths never crossed. It was not meant to be — not yet anyway.

I was married for 42 years and had one daughter. Charles was married for 45 years and had five children.

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