Faith: Believe in miracles

Miracles are life-changing events that can come at any time and in many different forms.

| May 2009

Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for his people! (Psalm 66:5 New Living Translation)

Miracles are awesome, unexplainable events that occur by the divine power of God. The purpose of a miracle is to show the wonderful, mighty power of God. They provide great opportunities for testimonies and witnessing about God's mercy, power and love. 

Miracles are life-changing events and can come at any time and in different forms. The type of the miracle depends on the individual need. Healing of an illness, deliverance from an addiction, and financial miracles are just some examples. The possibilities are endless. Regardless of the type of miracle given, it will always increase faith in God. The witnessing of these miracles has a strong impact on the doubter, who finds it necessary to see before they will believe.

Miracles provide opportunities for second chances, new outlooks and better qualities of life. Miracles occur by faith, through prayer, and the moving of God's Spirit. 

There are countless miracles mentioned in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, from a donkey that speaks to the resurrection of the dead. God is still in the miracle-working business. There are still blinded eyes receiving sight, crippled legs that are walking for the first time, and yes, even people being raised from the dead. Not just healings, but every sort of awesome event. 

God has no respect of persons, so if He is healing one person, one group, one area, He can surely do it for another.  If God is transforming situations in one place, He can do it in another. We are the ones who put the limits on an unlimited God. We are the ones who tend to bind the hands of the Miracle Worker with doubt and unbelief.

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