Faith: Dealing with fearful thoughts

Things are not as bad as we fear they will be.

| April 2009

Last June I received one of those phone calls you never want to receive.

“Peter, the school just rang,” my wife said, explaining that our daughter fell off the playground equipment and hurt her arm. “Can you go see if she is OK?”

Dropping everything, I drove to the school while lifting prayers heavenward. Upon reaching the school, my heart grieved at the sight of my unnaturally pale 10-year-old daughter lying on the sickbed, her tear-streaked face contorted in agony. She had fallen backward from the top of the play gym, landing on her right wrist. Lifting the arm gently, I saw massive swelling just below the wrist.

Pulling out my phone, I rang my wife.

“Her arm's broken, so I will take her to hospital now.”

“No, Papa, no, I don't want to go to hospital,” my daughter wailed in anguish as fearful images conjured by a mind plagued with pain flooded through her.

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