Apple Juicing the Old-Fashioned Way

| 8/5/2014 9:30:00 AM

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DJ WilsonDad planted our front yard to an orchard in 1971. I remember the year well because it was one year after I was married in that same front yard. The siblings were all a bit disappointed to lose the football field. There are about 100 fruit trees out there and, although there have been minor changes, I have the original "graph paper" map that my mom created to track the location and type of each tree. This year I am getting an up-close and personal introduction to each of the apple types and their general preferred use.

Apple production depends on many factors including age of the tree, health, pruning habits, water, sun, soil nutrients and pollination. We are working with trees that have some age and have not been pruned for some years. I will talk about this more in an upcoming blog about pruning and bringing an older orchard back into production. Due to the drier year, the apples are smaller and many apples are dropping. Hence we are juicing earlier than normal.

Apple Press

Apple Press 2

Apple Press 3

Apple Press 4

8/20/2014 12:33:19 PM

DJ, totally awesome. I'm always ready for the apple cider when it hits the stores here. My area where I live has many apple orchards and there's just nothing like cold fresh squeezed apple cider. Now you have my mouth watering for some and I'll be watching closer to find it. ***** Have a great apple squeezing day.

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