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By Mel Boone | Aug 11, 2015

I’ve always enjoyed a good sale. Of course I have a totally different sale in mind than that of the average female. I really don’t do Black Friday or any of those pre- or post-holiday sales that most gals just go giddy over. I will take a farm sale, estate sale or machinery action before I would dare step foot into a box store on Black Friday.

I just can’t seem to help it. Perhaps this is why I have so few female friends. They don’t understand the allure of decades worth of caked on grease and dirt that old farm equipment have on me. I stand there with my eyes glazed over, a smile on my face, with a vision of what the tractor would look like, already restored by me. I’m sure my mother wishes I was a type of gal who would be head over heals for a handsome guy that looks like a model. I might, providing he’s wearing blue jeans and a farmers tan after driving a tractor in the field all day!

For the past several years, there has been a farm machinery sale held at the local livestock barn parking lot. It’s held on the first day of the local flywheel reunion and tractor show. Even though I didn’t bid on anything this year, believe me, I made several trips through the lot just to see what was there. As always, several tractors caught my eye and a few made their way out to the fairgrounds after being purchased by the new owners.

After I go to my last tractor show in September, I’ll start looking at the sale bills in the local newspaper and ad finder for estate auction. Sometimes I can find pieces for some of my other collections: antique cameras (photograph and movie), carnival glass pieces, cast-iron skillets and cast-iron dutch ovens. I would love to go back to some of the antique malls in southern Missouri where I purchased some of the first pieces of these collections. Put that on my bucket list. Who knows? Before long I may have to build another room onto the house just to be able to display it all.

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