College Girl Accidentally Burns Fancy Outhouse

A visiting college friend drops a burning cigarette and lights the fancy outhouse on fire.

| Good Old Days

The outhouse was fabulous. It was a beautiful two seater made from cedar (even the shingles on the top) from our place. The lumber had been planed (by hand) and was varnished until it glowed. The Sears catalogue had its own shelf above the large metal can that was used to hold off-casts.

One Friday afternoon my sister brought a girlfriend home with her from college. They did not want my parents to know the girlfriend smoked, so she did it in the outhouse.

On Sunday morning just before we were ready to leave for Sunday School and church, she started to the outhouse to have her last smoke before afternoon. When she started down the back porch steps she began screaming. The entire outhouse was a mass of flames and was about to fall in. So the outhouse went up in smoke.

The visitor had dropped a used, but still burning cigarette in the bin with the paper.

No, my parents were not angry, but the next outhouse was not so fancy as there was no more cedar left to make it with.

For the next forty-six years (as long as she lived), she was a friend and often came to visit. She gave herself the name "Fire Fly."

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