Father's homemade bus helped children in Depression

| August 2005

Father's homemade bus helped children in Depression

During the Depression, children in the community of Cedar Bluff, Texas, faced having to drop out of school because of a lack of transportation to get them there. But thanks to the efforts of one industrious father, getting to school was not a problem.

The year was 1934, and although school bus transportation had begun to catch on after a Model T Ford bus came out in 1927, no such progress had reached deep east Texas.

The nearest high school to Cedar Bluff was in Garrison - six miles away. Therefore, parents would seriously consider boarding a child in town so that they could continue their education.

Two such parents were D.L. and Rosa Hancock. They were strong believers in education, and when their son graduated from Cedar Bluff Elementary School, they sent him to live with relatives in Garrison so that he could continue his studies.

That was only a temporary solution, however. At the time, the couple had two younger daughters who would soon be ready for high school. Their peers were other youngsters who needed to continue their education, as well, but they wouldn't be able to unless someone did something to solve their transportation problem.

After giving the matter some thought, D.L. Hancock approached the County Superintendent of Schools and the Garrison School Superintendent. He outlined a plan for a school bus route he proposed to serve.

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