Fiction: Dad’s Birthday Surprise

A fiction story.

| June 2009

Waking, nine-year-old Jacob could smell the wonderful aroma of breakfast drifting from the kitchen, and he excitedly yelled, “Pancakes!”

Jacob loved pancakes, especially his mom’s. In fact, the only thing better than his mom’s pancakes was his mom’s French toast.

The smell of pancakes cooking on the griddle made Jacob forget his problem for a minute – but only for a minute. Then he remembered that his dad’s birthday was Saturday – only two days away. The problem was that Jacob only had a dollar and thirty-seven cents to spend on a gift. What kind of present could he buy with that kind of money?

Jacob’s older brother and sister both had jobs. Fifteen-year-old Keith mowed yards, trimmed shrubs and bushes, and painted fences for the neighbors. In fact, he was so busy working for others that he rarely had time to mow his own yard anymore. Kitty, who was thirteen, earned money babysitting for neighbors. So, for their dad’s birthday, Keith and Kitty were pooling their money together and taking the family to Pizza Joe’s Friday night.


Running into the kitchen in his stocking feet, Jacob slid across the room’s tile floor and over to his chair at the table.

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