Fiction: Starting Over

A fiction story. Third of three installments.

| May 2009

Josh developed a habit of coming to the supper table early. Supper was the highlight of his day. He would sip iced tea and watch Lacey cook. Lacey had him drinking tea, at least at supper time, as a healthy substitute for RC Cola. Their conversations were pleasant, unless she started harping about buying a washing machine or building a bathroom. If their talk became too serious, Josh would go out on the porch and watch the grass.

One warm afternoon while Lacey was busy in the cabin, she decided to cool off with one of Josh’s RC Colas. She went out on the porch and sat down beside Josh. After a couple gulps of soda, she straightened up, pulled her chin tight to her chest and locked her lips tight. Her face reddened, her eyes bulged, and she belched.

Josh was looking out at the grass and hadn’t witnessed her desperate plight, but he didn’t miss a beat as he said, “Cleanses your innards, don’t it?”

Lacey pressed her hand to her chest and said, “Whooo.”

She glanced sheepishly at Josh, who was grinning broadly. So what if he was losing the war, he thought. He could still win a battle now and then.


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