Fiction: Video Grandma

Fiction story: A grandmother learns to play her grandson's favorite video game in hopes of having something in common with him.

| November 2008

“Oh, Grandma, you can’t play. You’re just no good at it.” Michael’s words had stung when he’d said them, and they still stung, echoing in Martha Goodman’s head as she drove back to her house after taking her grandson home. She had hoped the visit would help the two of them grow closer. Instead, it was a disaster.

Michael had been very close to Henry, and since he passed away, the boy just didn’t seem to want to spend time with his grandma.


Before Michael’s visit, Martha went out and purchased video equipment especially for the visit, complete with Michael’s favorite game – Dragon Land, in which the hero is a little purple dragon who fights off monsters to protect his cherished land from invasion of the evil master magician. When she got the game and equipment home, she had Kevin Stevens – a boy who lived next door – hook it up.

“Are you fixing to play?” he asked Martha, trying hard not to snicker.

Martha knew it too. She saw how he kept covering his mouth with his hand, sometimes even faking a cough, especially when she told him she had every intention of playing.

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