Civil War Letter From Grandfather Mentions Fort Pillow

Massacre at Fort Pillow a key part of letter to great-aunt, describing actions of the Rebs.

| Good Old Days

This is a Civil War letter from my grandfather to his sister.

Camp at Ringgold, Georgia 

May the 3rd, 1864 

Dear Sister: 

I received your letter of April the 23rd and was glad to hear from you all. You may tell Mother she need not be scared about me being vaccinated. I will try and have some Photographs taken as soon as I can. You see there is no place around here where I can have them taken. Them last pens are pretty good ones. They are 9/10 better than the other ones.  

We just came off a 10 mile march yesterday, but I was so weak that they had to haul me part of the way so I did not have a very hard time of it. I had been sick with the bloody flux. 

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