Fourth of July Celebration in Nebraska Homestead Days

Considering a Fourth of July celebration in McPherson County, Nebraska, some things never change.

| Good Old Days

In our first summer in McPherson County, Nebraska, we attended a Fourth of July celebration at a store and post office which was close to us. A dance platform with seats around the edge had been built there. It was roofed with new lumber, but was not watertight.

People came in wagons and buggies, and some on horseback. They parked the wagons in parallel rows, with space between the lines. The horses were tied on the outside of the wagons.

In the middle, between the wagons, blankets and quilts were spread on the grass, and tables were set up. Tarpaulins over the tables kept the hot sun off.

The food was plentiful and good-all kinds of bread and rolls, cakes and cookies, pies, salads; and for meat, beef roasts, meat loaf, prairie chicken, grouse, and tame chicken.

The cowboys brought their beer and buried it to keep it cool.

Some ladies didn't have hairpins to do up their hair, so they made pins from wire and arrived with their hair arranged in the latest style, looking very pretty. The people were so friendly, and could they shake hands!

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