Funeral Arrangements on a Southern Missouri Homestead

What funeral arrangements on a southern Missouri homestead consisted of during the settling of the Plains States.

| Good Old Days

A small colony migrated from Georgia to the Ozark Mountains in extreme southern Missouri in the late 1860s where they took on a Missouri homestead. They were hard-working, loving, God-fearing people. My father was one of them.

Twenty years later he filed on 80 acres farther up in the hills.

The farms were small, and the neighbors were close and plentiful.

In the early hours of an August day, Father, Mother, and I were awakened by a banging on our door and a voice shouting, "Johnny, get up! Walter Stone is dead."

My father drew on his trousers, lighted a lamp, and opened the door to admit our nearest neighbor lady.

In a few words she explained how the son of the Stones had become ill in the night and how the younger children of that family had been sent to her home to ask that her husband ride for the doctor, six or eight miles away. She had accompanied the children back to the Stone home to offer help.

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