Second World War: General Patton Needed Fuel

Veteran of the Second World War tells the tale of the Red Ball Highway - a convoy sent to get gasoline for General Patton and his tanks.

| Good Old Days

Let me take you for a ride on the Red Ball Highway in 1944. 

"Meyer, where the heck are you?" my first sergeant called.

He probably could have been heard in two countries. He was a large man with a mighty voice that carried lots of weight when we were in combat. In civilian life, he had been an auctioneer.

We were nearly through Belgium, low on ammunition and fuel. Gen. Patton was calling for more. We'd been told we probably wouldn't advance much farther for another two weeks.

Everything was real quiet.

We were told to stay armed, but we were allowed to wander a reasonable distance from our command post. My best friend was from upstate New York and he spoke French as well as the natives.

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