Getting Baptised on a Colorado Homestead

With no churches for miles around, homesteaders still found the means for getting baptised on a Colorado homestead.

| Good Old Days

In 1910 when we moved to our homestead in northeastern Colorado, there were no churches for many miles around. My parents welcomed any Sunday School worker or minister who visited in our community. They entertained him in our home so that he might hold church services in a nearby schoolhouse.

On one occasion an evangelist held a series of meetings that were well attended. Several young people made a profession of faith at those meetings.

The desire of the new converts for the rites of baptism created a need for a place to hold the baptismal service. My father had a large concrete water tank which he used to hold a reserve supply of water for the stock tank in the corral. He offered this tank for the ceremony. There was no other suitable body of water.

The sacrament took place on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. People came from miles around. Those who were participating came with their families; others came who were anxious to witness the ceremony for many had never had such an opportunity before. It was a time of togetherness.

The tank with the water partially warmed by the sun became a dedicated font for this occasion. How well I recall the minister, standing in the water, and the group of young people, which included my sister and myself, going up the improvised steps and down into the water to be immersed.

Most of the group have passed on, but for those of us who remain the event has special significance because it was an early step in our spiritual journey through life. 

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