Depression Era: Good Humor Ice Cream

New York woman recalls the formation of the Good Humor Ice Cream Co., by the mayor's wife, to employ New York men who had lost their jobs

| Good Old Days

My mother's father was a teacher in New York City when the Depression hit. The teachers agreed to cut their salaries in half so that all of them could continue to work. After the Depression, their salaries were never raised to where they had been before the Depression started.

My mother had a friend whose father committed suicide when he lost his job.

The next-door neighbor of my mother's family was an engineer. When he lost his job he sold apples on the street corner.

Mrs. Walker, the wife of the New York City mayor, started the Good Humor Ice Cream Company. She employed men who had lost their jobs.

Both my parents talk about only having ice cream on birthdays and at no other times.

They also have said that during the Depression people only had to pay the taxes on their property. Mortgage payments were delayed.

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