Grandfather Knew the Power of Prayer for Battle's Wounded

Power of prayer moves grandfather from front lines to army hospital to care for the wounded.

| Good Old Days

This story about my grandfather was told to us by a man who had been an observer. Grandfather knew the power of prayer, particularly for those wounded in battle.

A man had been wounded and was dying. He asked the captain to pray for him before he died. The captain felt unfit to pray and asked his company, "Can any of you men pray with this man?" No one volunteered.

Then a man spoke up, "There is a man over in Company F who can pray for him."

"Go get him," ordered the captain.

The soldier soon returned, accompanied by the man of whom he had spoken. He knelt by the dying soldier and prayed. The soldiers and captain listened with tears in their eyes as the dying man, comforted, died in the arms of the one who had prayed for him.

The captain thanked the good man, and he returned to his company where he was an orderly.

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