Guardian Angels Appeared Out of Nowhere

A reader shares the story of how a mother and son became his guardian angels when he wasn’t feeling well.

| January/February 2013

  • Gas Station
    Kind strangers at a gas station banded together to help a man who was feeling ill.
    Photo By Fotolia/Giuseppe Porzani

  • Gas Station

I once met guardian angels from Heaven.

In December of 2009, I drove home to Ohio for the Christmas holiday. Having come from a large family of eight children, six made it home for the holidays. Unfortunately, one of them apparently carried a nasty flu bug into Mom’s humble home.

On the morning of Wednesday, December 30th, I said goodbye to Mom and lugged my overnight bag to the car. I departed for the 12-hour drive back to South Carolina in a light snow fall — and feeling just fine.

As I crossed the Ohio River, I started to feel sick, and things rapidly deteriorated on the West Virginia turnpike. There, while decelerating for a toll booth, I threw up on myself and momentarily blacked out. Consequently, I side-swiped the car on my left before regaining consciousness and recovering control of the vehicle. 

We both pulled over to the shoulder, where we traded the obligatory insurance information. Damage was minor to the two cars, so we decided to continue on our way.

I paid the toll and continued south, but only felt worse as I continued to drive. So I decided to take the next exit, stop at the first gas station or convenience store I saw, and buy something to drink. The last thing I remember was parking my car, exiting and walking toward the front door.

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