Husband’s Halloween Prank Startles Wife

Husband gives wife a scare with a Halloween prank.

| March/April 2012

  • Scarecrow
    A Halloween prank is sure to be spooky.

  • Scarecrow

It was late October. Costumes, decorations and other Halloween-related items could be seen everywhere.

While heading home from work one day, I anticipated that my husband, Jack, who had gotten off work an hour earlier, would be waiting for me when I got home. I expected to find him sitting on our little makeshift porch at the top of the steps, where he usually sat for a little while after work to relax and get some fresh air.

Halloween prank

I pulled in the driveway, and sure enough, from a distance, I could see Jack waiting for me on the porch. I parked the car, grabbed my purse, got out, shut the car door, headed for the steps – and stopped. Something wasn’t right.

I looked closer and realized that the person on the porch was not Jack. Some old man had taken over Jack’s chair and made himself at home on our porch.

Then I realized that for the entire time I had been inspecting him – noting that he was wearing a raggedy flannel shirt, shabby and dirty bib overalls, and a pair of dirty boots – he hadn’t moved a muscle.

Perhaps the man wasn’t well and had started feeling sick, so he had decided to rest on our porch until he felt better. He really didn’t look well. In fact, he looked like he could be dead.

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