Hard-Time Gravy Recipe in the Colorado Mountains

When money was scarce, one mom turned to the neighborly suggestion of a Hard-time Gravy recipe.

| Good Old Days

Money was scarce and groceries were high when we were living on a homestead in 1919. We had grown up in the Midwest where we could have a big garden, but here in the Colorado mountains, the growing season was too short for many vegetables we had been used to.

One day a neighbor called, and I mentioned that I didn't know what to have for supper.

"Try hard-time gravy over fried potatoes," she suggested. I had never heard of it.

Here is the Hard-time Gravy recipe: Dice bacon in a heavy skillet. (We used pieces off the ends of a slab; it came cheaper.) Empty half a can of tomatoes into the bacon and fryings, and simmer until it thickens. Add two or three tablespoons of flour and water, and cook like gravy. Season with salt and pepper. I add two teaspoons of sugar.

Our boys never tired of it. They said there was nothing better after walking three miles from school than to find a supper of fried or baked potatoes and plenty of hard-time gravy.

Mrs. M. E. Bouton
Oak Creek, Colorado

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