Heart of the Home

Simple pleasures discovered during Depression

| April 2008


My childhood entertainment would probably seem dull to others, but to me, it was bliss. I'm now 83, and the best memories I have are when I was a small child. There were five of us - my four brothers and me - born between 1923 and 1934. We felt loved, and we loved our lives.

In winter, when school and playtime were over, we'd gather around the fireplace. We kept a fire going all day and into the night. The fireplace and kitchen were our only sources of heat.

Mother would tell us if it snowed we would need plenty of wood. That sent us scurrying to the woodpile. We filled the wood box near the fireplace to overflowing.

We only got snow once every few years, but we watched for it constantly.

We didn't have a radio at the time, but we did have a few board games. Daddy wouldn't allow cards in the house, except Old Maid. I loved seeing my brothers get embarrassed when they were left holding the Old Maidcard.

We were fortunate to have a daily newspaper delivered to us, which provided much entertainment. We not only enjoyed the comics, but we also liked having Mother read the news and sports to us. We'd choose a favorite team, especially for baseball, and then we could hardly wait for the next day's paper to find out who had won.

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