Heart of the Home

| August 2006

Bright sunlight helped her find diamond ring

I had a diamond ring that I wore on my pinkie. It was a bit loose, but not too bad. One day, I went to take my rings off as I normally do, and the ring was gone.

I thought it was gone for good because I had no idea where I had lost it.

One Sunday morning about six months later, I was going to the car to go to church. The sun was shining brightly, and I looked down at something shiny - my ring! All the stones were there, and it wasn't bent, although I had been driving over it all that time.

I was very thankful to find the ring because I'd had it for a long time.

Springdale, Ark.

Glad her favorite sweater is back

My favorite black wear-with-everything, hip-length sweater was missing. It wasn't in any of the closets, and none of my family could remember when they saw it last. I wore it so much in the spring and fall as a jacket that everyone knew it, but no one had any idea where it could be.

I checked the church coat racks, the senior center, restaurants, club rooms, friends' homes and anywhere I could think of that I had been. My sister offered suggestions, and her husband was on the lookout for it, too. Finally, I gave up and decided that someone had picked it up by mistake. I hoped whoever had it enjoyed wearing it as much as I did.

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