Heart of the Home

| August 2007

Grand Canyon's beauty realized after flight

My first and most memorable airplane ride was on a six-passenger, single engine airplane. My husband and I were visiting the Grand Canyon, when we came to an airfield offering 15-minute, 30-minute or 1-hour rides through the Grand Canyon. We decided to take the 30-minute ride and joined another group on the trip.

The pilot flew us down into the canyon, where we could look up to see the top of it. As we traveled through the canyon, the pilot would roll the airplane from one side to the other to allow the passengers on each side of the plane to take pictures and view the mules carrying tourists down the steep canyon walls, and to see the rafters bobbing along the turbulent Colorado River, and the campground at the bottom of the canyon. After twisting and turning for 30 minutes through the steep walls of the Grand Canyon, the pilot flew us up and out of the canyon.

I was never so happy to see level ground. While we were landing, I put aside my thoughts of using the air-sickness bag.

I stepped off the plane and wobbled away with a deep appreciation for the size and beauty of the Grand Canyon.

After returning home, I read about a single engine plane that had crashed in the Grand Canyon. This news confirmed the fears I'd had on our Grand Canyon flight. The airplane ride could have been my first and last, but I still love flying - especially on the large multi-engine commercial airplanes.

Littleton, Colo.

Son takes mom on her first plane ride

In the spring of 1981, my husband and I came home from our Saturday morning jobs at the post office to discover our son - who lived and worked in Kansas City - and his fiancee sitting on our picnic table.

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