Heart of the Home

| December 2005

Enjoyed ball game

One of my favorite toys was called Kitty Kat Kupball, which was basically a basketball game.

There were three cups fastened to a backboard that was about 12 inches square. Wooden marbles were placed on a spring-loaded device that could swivel from side to side. One could aim the marbles at any of the baskets and score 25, 35 or 50 points, depending on the cup.

It was a fun game to play alone or with a friend. 

St. Paul, Neb.


Measle Monkey kept her company when sick

When I was 4 years old, I got the measles. I was itchy and miserable. My mom sent my sister, Gerrie, to the dime store downtown and told her to bring back something for me. 

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