Heart of the Home

| February 2007

Glad her admirer wasn't a tennis pro

As a junior in college in 1946, I was embarrassed to watch my friends play tennis, because I had never learned how to play. I had grown up in the country during the Depression years, and I hardly knew a tennis court from a pigpen.

Finally I summoned up courage to try to learn, and I checked out equipment from the athletic department. A friend gave me a pair of white tennis shorts, and I found another friend to teach me. Soon I was whacking away, and caught on quickly.

Then I saw a handsome fellow standing nearby, watching my every move. I became nervous because for all I knew, he was a tennis pro. I kept at it, however, and tried to ignore my audience.

As we were walking off the court, the good-looking fellow introduced himself and said that he had just enrolled for his senior year, having just come back from the Army. We talked, and my friend excused herself. It seemed love at first sight for both of us. To my relief, I learned that he had never played tennis.

We were married in a ridiculously short time, and we were close to our 58th anniversary when he died in 2004. We never played tennis again, but we developed many more interests for a great life.

Magee, Miss.


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