Heart of the Home

| January 2006

A Letter From Kate

Dear Readers,
I have to admit, I love Valentine's Day. From the time I was a small child until I was in high school, my mom left gifts from the 'Valentine Cupid' in my sister's and my bedrooms. The gifts weren't too extravagant - usually just candy and a stuffed animal or a small piece of jewelry - but I loved the surprise of waking up and finding a card and a small token of my parents' affection. My parents were married on Valentine's Day, so maybe that's why the holiday is even more special to them.

When I was in grade school, I anxiously awaited going to school on Feb. 14. I could hardly wait until the end of the day, when my classmates and I were able to put away our books and prepare for our party. It was exciting to go through the valentines my friends had deposited in the box on my desk. I enjoyed the party refreshments and games, but I think I looked forward to opening the valentines even more.

As I got older, I still enjoyed Valentine's Day. Occasionally when I was in high school I would receive flowers at school from a boyfriend. I recall one year when I had broken up with a boy just days before Feb. 14, and my parents sent me flowers because they knew it would cheer me up. It still thrills me to receive flowers on Valentine's Day, and it's fun to see the flowers delivered to other people in my office as well.

I may not manage to send out Christmas cards each year, but I like to send valentines to my friends, because for adults, they're an unexpected surprise.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kate Marchbanks


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