Heart of the Home

| July 2005

A letter from Kate

Dear Readers,

Summer is my least favorite season of the year. I truly enjoy all the flowers and plants in bloom and fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak, but I don't enjoy being hot and miserable.

When I was a child, I loved summer. It meant that we were out of school, and we had nothing to do but go to the swimming pool and play with our dolls. My sister and I loved going to the pool, and we spent almost every summer afternoon there, swimming and inventing games to play. Our friends were usually there, too, and we had great fun playing with them.

Our city pool had two diving boards, but I don't remember ever being brave enough to jump off them. We usually had enough fun diving for pennies and having tea parties underwater. These days, I think it would be great to be able to spend every afternoon at the pool. Maybe if I was able to spend every day at the pool, I'd like summer more now.

Here in Kansas, this summer had an unusually hot and humid start. With temperatures in the 90s and high humidity during the first week of June, I especially missed the cooler temperatures of spring.

There are a few good things about summer now - going to garage sales and picnics, or having a fresh tomato from the garden - but I still say I'd rather have a cool, crisp autumn day or a delicate winter snowfall  anytime.

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