Heart of the Home

| July 2005


A Letter From Kate

Dear Readers,

I like the taste of a fresh, sweet watermelon in the summertime, but unfortunately, I don't have any watermelon stories to tell. I enjoy eating it, but not in the traditional way. I usually like to eat it cut up in chunks and served on a plate. I know it's not as much fun as biting into a slice and letting the juice run down my chin, but it's also not as messy.

However, the National Watermelon Promotion Board has provided some watermelon handling tips that I thought I would share with you.

How to pick a good watermelon:

• Look it over, and choose a firm, symmetrical melon that is free of bruises, cuts and dents.

• Lift it up. The watermelon should feel heavy for its size - after all, it's 92 percent water.

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