Heart of the Home

| June 2007


Catchy little tune caught husband

Frank - who was secretly very special to me - and I were driving along one day, when I spontaneously began singing, 'So between your chair and my chair, maybe there will be a highchair.'

I stopped suddenly, and he asked me why I was singing that. I shook my head and said, 'I don't know.'

It was a catchy little tune … and it caught him.

We had 54 happy years together before he passed away in 1989.

Wheaton, Ill.


Faulty piano made duet unforgettable

My brother, sister and I grew up in a rural home in Kansas, where we had a battery-operated radio for musical entertainment. However, the battery often lost power by the middle of the week, and we'd have to make our own music on the piano. We always had fun playing a trio or duet.

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