Heart of the Home

Daughter appreciated what father did for her, others

| June 2008

My dad was only 45 years old when he passed away. However, he accomplished many things in the short time he was on this earth.

As a young man, he used to walk the railroad tracks to gather coal so his family could heat their home. He was always taking care of someone. He married my mom when he was very young. They were both raised in a Norman Rockwell-type of town.

Dad was the father of two boys and two girls, and he was always busy. He was a fire chief, on the high school board of directors, and a member of many local clubs. He built a bowling alley for the community and a grocery store for his mother to run.
All of this was done while he was running his own businesses - building homes, managing a grain elevator and moving houses.

He employed many people. At one time, he had around 100 employees in his grain elevator business alone.

These were all great accomplishments, but his true character shone when he was helping young people to realize their dreams. Many young couples started their marriage with a boost from my dad.

In the 1950s, when conflict was tearing apart Hungary and other small countries, my father decided to sponsor a family of four and five single men from Hungary.

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