Heart of the Home

CAPPER's readers share their thoughts on what modern-day conveniences made life better and/or easier.

| November 2007

Busy woman glad to have cell phone

My cell phone has been a godsend. I use it to call the men if the cows are out, or to tell them about meetings and phone calls, and they call me to run errands for them.

Since I help with the field work - and I'm not a fixer - it's great to be able to use my cell phone and call for help if I run into a problem.

I'm also on several calling committees and the prayer chain at church, so it's helpful to have all the phone numbers I need stored in my cell phone. There are features on it I don't use, but I'm grateful to have it, so I can stay connected to others.

Chapman, Kan.

Long-ago invention made chores easier

Perhaps young people won't think of this as modern technology, but in my opinion, the best inventions ever made are the automatic washing machine and dryer.

When I was a young girl, I helped my mother pour hot water into a big washtub, then fed the wet clothes from the washtub into the wringer. The wringer rolled over the clothes, squeezing the water out.

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