Heart of the Home

| October 2006

Family learned lesson on vacation in Florida

A number of years ago, my husband won an all-expenses-paid trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, and we were able to take our two sons with us. We flew out of a Midwest airport to Chicago and then to Orlando, Fla.

We spent two days enjoying the sights and activities of Disney World. In spite of being half a continent from home, each day we were very surprised to meet families we knew from our hometown.

The lesson we learned was to be on our best behavior, for you have no idea when you are going to see someone from your hometown who could report on your activities.

Hastings, Neb.

Missing friends were visiting same place

Years ago, I drove from my home in Oklahoma to Cincinnati, where I had attended college. I visited several friends, but one couple I had especially wanted to see was on vacation. From there, I drove about 120 miles, picked up my mother, and we headed for our vacation in Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

While in Washington, we visited many of the wonderful sights and allowed considerable time to spend at the Smithsonian. While there, we had lunch, and my seat was facing the door. Suddenly, I gasped and almost choked on my food. Walking through the door were Earl and Willa, the couple I had hoped to see in Cincinnati.

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