Heart of the Home

| October 2007

Man outlives nicknames

In 1927, we lived on the edge of town, where there were a lot of open spaces between the houses. We were all singers in our family, so whenever we had a chance, we would gather around my aunt's player piano or our Victrola and sing.

As a kid, I used to run through the fields hopping, skipping, running and singing at the top of my lungs. Thus, I became known in my neighborhood as 'Hop John.'

As a teenager, after a sudden growth spurt, I had long arms and legs. Soon, I became known as 'Ichabod Crane.'

At 80, I have outlived both of my nicknames. No one calls me by any nickname now - at least to my face.

Rusk, Texas


Girl gives teacher lasting nickname

When I was younger, I had many nicknames, but the one that stuck is the one I got when I was older.

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