Heart of the Home

| September 2005

A Letter From Kate

Dear Readers,

I must admit, while reading your letters about country stores, I developed an overwhelming craving for pickles. So many of the stories described the joy of choosing dill pickles from barrels that I couldn't stop thinking about them. Even Kathryn Compton, our new editor, commented on how hungry she was for pickles after reading all the stories.

One day while I was reading the letters, I took a short break. I went into the break room near my desk to get a cold drink, and I spotted a large jar of dill pickles in the refrigerator. I was tempted to just take one, but I knew that the right thing to do would be to locate the jar's owner and ask if I could have a pickle. By that point, I was so desperate I would have paid any price for one.

After talking to several people in the building, I learned that the owner of the jar of pickles sat nearby, in the Farm Collectibles department. She very graciously let me have one, and I was satisfied - for a while. After work, I went to the store and bought a big jar of Claussen pickle spears, which I believe are the best, to keep at home so I can enjoy one any time I want.

Anyone who knows me well knows about my obsession with pickles. My in-laws are so thoughtful that they keep their refrigerator stocked with several different kinds of pickles, so when we join them for dinner, we can have a plethora of pickles on the table. For me, it's just one example of the love they have for their family. Because no one else in the family is as fond of pickles as I am, their thoughtfulness is even more special to me.

Kate Marchbanks

Together With God

Jenkins' store was just over the hill from my house, and my friend Cheryl and I would walk the quarter-mile on hot summer evenings to get a fudge bar. We had to pass the old cemetery at the top of the hill, and we usually started running at the crest.

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