Always Planned On Being a School Teacher

A reader recalls her dream of growing up to be a school teacher, and a few of her teaching jobs.

| November/December 2015


One Capper's Farmer reader always intended to be a school teacher.

Photo by Fotolia/archideaphoto

My childhood dream career while growing up was always to be a school teacher. I can remember us kids playing school from an early age.

By the time I reached third grade, the first-grade teachers were letting me help grade the first-grade students’ papers. I can still picture all the mix-and-match problems I corrected.

As an adult, I finished my degree and taught both preschool and kindergarten. Later, I taught adult non-credit courses at a university. My favorite students are the youngest ones (ages 5 and under) and the adults, because both age groups are really eager to learn.

These days, I teach people through my writing. Whether I’m telling a story to help people remember the good things in their life, or I’m sharing new recipes and cooking techniques, I’m still teaching.

My teaching has evolved as the world has changed. Now, teaching sometimes involves the computer and magazines, instead of just books. People reading what I’ve written may learn how to forecast the weather using a persimmon, or perhaps how to write a better story.

My childhood career has been realized. In fact, it has exceeded my greatest dreams. Since my writing has reached all 50 states and 15 foreign countries, I consider my career to have been a success – and one I’m very thankful for. 

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