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Hello Fall

Fall will soon be here. If I’m not mistaken, summer turns into fall this coming Friday. The weather forecast here still shows summer-like weather well into next week, but I know that will soon change. Before long, I will be doing the dreaded: changing the clothes in the closet. Dragging my cold weather out of storage and putting my beloved shorts and sleeveless shirts into storage.

I do still look forward to many hikes before winter sets in. I’ll have my camera with me when I don’t have two dog leashes to hang on to. I do love the beauty that nature brings when the leaves on the trees change color. The only thing better is the nature’s beauty in spring when everything is in bloom.

Buddy and Jake don’t mind their fall walks, either. I think they enjoy running though the leaves. It reminds me of when I was a kid on my grandparents’ farm. I had my grandparents’ German shepherd, Tasha, as a buddy to jump in the leaves with. Of course, that was when we were not running around in the yard or pasture playing a game of tag. That usually ended with me on the ground, Tasha sitting on my back, and grandpa laughing his head off at us. I never stayed mad for long. After a few minutes, we would be playing again.

It’s this time of year that you find pumpkin and nutmeg everywhere along with pecan and sweet potato pie. Everyone is in their “pumpkin spice” mode. If it smells or tastes like pumpkin, it’ll sell like crazy during the next few weeks. That’s OK. It’s fall.

So, this weekend I’ll be on my traditional lookout for pumpkins and gourds to decorate my porch. I think I’ll add a few white pumpkins to the decorations this year. My camera will be with me, too. I never know when I’ll see the next perfect fall picture, but when I do, I’ll be ready to capture it.

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
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