Civil War Stories: Home On Furlough

During the Civil War, young children think a furlough must be a kind of wheelbarrow.

| Good Old Days

Near the close of the Civil War my aunt and her cousin Frank heard their elders say their Uncle Bob was soon coming home from the War on a furlough.

Neither of the five-year-old children had ever heard the word furlough. In that day no child would dare ask a question at a family gathering. Children were seen but not heard.

However, my aunt and Frank went aside and discussed the furlough problem. How would it look? Frank thought it would be a sort of wheelbarrow. My aunt thought it was a vehicle with an umbrella attachment.

Before Frank's family went home the children made an agreement. The first one who saw Uncle Bob on his furlough should hurry across the field and tell the other about the mysterious furlough.

Uncle Bob went to Frank's home first. How disgusted Frank was as he reported, "Uncle Bob didn't come home on no furlough a-tall; he just come home a-walkin'."

Bessie R. Shinn
Salem, Oregon

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