Debates Held at Homestead Gatherings

Homestead gatherings sometimes involved which livestock animal or kitchen tool was the most useful.

| Good Old Days

We called them meetings of the literary society, those gatherings held on Friday evenings at the schoolhouse in the days when we lived on a 40-acre farm near Kossuth, Kansas.

The program began with a debate, mostly for the entertainment of the adults. They would choose a subject, usually a funny one, such as Resolved: The Broom Is More Beneficial to the Housekeeper Than the Dishrag; or Resolved: The Horse Is More Useful Than the Cow.

Following the debates there would be a short program of readings, music, and singing.

The children in the school had their own Friday afternoon treat. If our conduct had been good during the week, the teacher would let us have spelling matches, or ciphering contests, or races to find cities on the maps in our geography.

Mrs. Hazel Cline
Joplin, Missouri


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